I like to photograph in a calm and unobtrusive style, letting the day flow naturally. However I can instigate a group shot swiftly whilst keeping smiles on everyone’s faces – no-one should be getting bored!

Weddings can be hectic and busy, but they don’t have to be stressful – I like to meet or at least chat on the ‘phone beforehand to go through all of the details on the day.  I have, what I call, my Bible for the day, a sheet of paper with effectively your family tree – so I know who is important and who not to miss.  I don’t want to miss your favourite Aunt, or the cousin you were practically brought up with!  I also like to go through a timeline for the day – not to keep track of you!  So I am aware and prepared for the surprise fireworks, or Mum’s dog walking the rings down the aisle – whatever it is!

I have a price guide containing various packages which all include a memory stick with full-resolution images – for you to print and share to your hearts content.
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